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0870 numbers, 0845 numbers
0700 numbers as well as 0844
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browse our 0870 numbers,  and 0845 numbers Welcome, we supply 0870 and 0845 numbers as well as 0700 numbers
0870 numbers, 0845 numbers


- Non Geographic number
- Free Redirection

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- Always be contactable
- Only £10 p/a

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- Local rate number
- Only £29.99 p/a

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- Free 0844 number
- Free Redirection
- Free additional options

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- Non Geographic number
- Free Redirection

More information on 0870 number

0845 numbers - £29.99 per year!

Advantages to switching to an 0845 number

• Professional – Give your business a national image with an 0845 number. Make your business appear to be large but reachable to the customer at the same time.
• Portable – If you move premise with our 0845 numbers you can redivert them to your new offices totally free.
• Promote your business – Using an 0845 number allows the customer to call you for the price of a standard UK local call.
• Memorable – for a small amount extra you can get a more memorable number, perfect for advertising to make sure customers get your number!

Why choose IC Communications?

• You can call us as opposed to many companies who only offer email support.
• You can submit a divert any time of the day without having to call us or email us.
• We charge a reasonable amount for our services making sure you get the service you require without breaking the bank for small and startup businesses.
• We work with small to medium sized businesses and use our expertise to get the best solution for you.


Connection: Free

Rental: £29.99 per year

Cost to receive calls: Free

When a caller dials your 0845 number their call is automatically diverted to your existing land line telephone number in a fraction of a second.

Please click the buy button and you will be taken to our shopping cart where you can pay via a range of methods. We accept cheque, credit card and paypal.


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