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0700 numbers as well as 0844
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browse our 0870 numbers,  and 0845 numbers Welcome, we supply 0870 and 0845 numbers as well as 0700 numbers
0870 numbers, 0845 numbers


- Non Geographic number
- Free Redirection

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- Always be contactable
- Only £10 p/a

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- Local rate number
- Only £29.99 p/a

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- Free 0844 number
- Free Redirection
- Free additional options

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- Non Geographic number
- Free Redirection

More information on 0870 number

URGENT message for our 0870 customers

Dear customers,

Due to the regulation changes issued by OFCOM proposed earlier this year regarding 0870 numbers there have been some changes in our pricing and service offerings. From the beginning of January our supplier along with most suppliers of 0870 numbers will be charging an annual rental as well as several pence per minute for receiving calls. This cost will be passed onto us and unfortunately we will have to also pass this cost onto you.

We have devised several options to save additional costs for our low volume users:

Switch to 0871 numbers

We have the number range 0871 560 XXXX and so any numbers you currently have can be switched from your 0870 360 XXXX range. This means a total of 2 number changes the 0 to a 1 and the 5 to a 3. If you plan to do this then you will have to alert us ASAP as from January 2008 the 0871 number range will require a certificate for new signups. Please email us at with your current 0870 number and we will swap it over free of charge to the closest 0871 number we have.

Switch to 0844 numbers

Visit our site and we can provide you with up to 5 free numbers with additional services.

Switch to 0845 numbers

If you currently have an 0870 number with us we will switch it to an 0845 number for £9.99 for the first year.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us.


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