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0700 numbers as well as 0844
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browse our 0870 numbers,  and 0845 numbers Welcome, we supply 0870 and 0845 numbers as well as 0700 numbers
0870 numbers, 0845 numbers


- Non Geographic number
- Free Redirection

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- Always be contactable
- Only £10 p/a

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- Local rate number
- Only £29.99 p/a

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- Free 0844 number
- Free Redirection
- Free additional options

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- Non Geographic number
- Free Redirection

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Why choose an 0870 number?

There are many advantages to having an 0870 number for your business. Some of which are outlined below:

Advantages to our 0870 numbers

0870 numbers give your business a more professional and national image. Your business will lose its local status and will look like a larger national company.

Using 0870 numbers in your advertising can increase the response as many people will think they are dealing with a large national company.

They are only £9.99 per year!

Free redirection to any UK landline number - The main advantage to this is if your business moves you can keep your number. This helps retain old customers as they will not need to look you up for your new number.

Additional service which make business simpler for you. Our latest services include voicemail, call stacking and our virtual receptionist system.

Why choose IC communications for your 0870 number?

Although we are primarily a web based business we are contactable via phone email and in person should you need us from re routing your 0870 number or connecting new 0870 numbers.

Our 0870 numbers are just 9.99 per year. No extra rip off charges!

We aim to help you decide on the correct marketing phone number for you, and not just for our benefit unlike other suppliers.

Any more questions? Call us on 0870 8 60 50 40 or email us


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